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There's a pretty common phishing scam out there where scammers look on LinkedIn for people who work at the same company. Then they send an email "from" the CEO/Founder to another employee asking for their cell phone number for some "urgent request".

If you reply or share your phone number, the scammer will usually ask you to click a link or purchase gift cards and share the gift-card numbers with them.

A few members of the Vyten Council have reported seeing an email sent from johncambell5543 (scammer), but using my name in the "from" field. This email was not sent from me, and all emails from Vyten will always come from hello@vyten.com.

If you're ever not sure if an email came from Vyten, feel free to forward a copy toΒ  or reach out to hello@vyten.com. I'll also never ask you for your Vyten password (or any other password) or payment information.

Here's additional information on how to recognize and avoid phishing scams from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Thanks for staying vigilant and for a few of you reaching out to report this scam.


Example of Phishing Email:

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