Hi Council,

This has been a big month, and I wanted to say thank you for being a part of this community. Over the past week, we migrated our entire technology infrastructure to add new features, capabilities, and prepare the foundation for our next evolution.

This new setup is just a starting point as we continue to develop the courses, guides, tools, and community to help each Vyten member achieve a fulfilling career with the pay and purpose they deserve.

What I need from you

One thing that would help me, help you is if you can update your Vyten profile with your current goalsβ€”don't worry, this information is kept private. It helps me tailor the emails that you get and the content you see on our website so that you get the most relevant content for your goals (ie. how to get a promotion vs how to find a new job).

CLICK HERE to update your career goals & status

Coming soon: our Job Search Course

With our new Vyten 2.0 website, we have the ability to now release online courses! This allows you to take our on-demand course and interact with other Vyten members on your own time.Β 

With COVID and families and remote school, I know that everyone's on a different schedule, so with our new course (coming very soon!), you'll be able to learn and grow in a way that's flexible around your busy life.

Over the next year, we'll be releasing new courses on a wide range of topics (from productivity to public speaking to annual performance appraisals and promotions).

More Networking at our Networking Happy Hour (Vyten Plus)

On our Calendar, you can see we have a Networking Happy Hour every two weeks. It's a time to come together as a community, celebrate each other, our milestones, and network with other business professionals.

As the community has grown, the format of this Networking Happy Hour needs to evolve as well. We want to maximize the networking opportunities during these sessions. At the same time, we want to wrap up in time for you to spend time with your families.

Networking Happy Hour - Every other Friday 4-5pm Central Time
  • Introduction and Welcome to New Members (5 minutes)
  • Vyten's Recent Updates and What's Coming (5 minutes)
  • Rotating Topic from the Vyten Council Leaders (5 minutes)
  • Celebrate Wins & Milestones from Vyten Members (10 minutes)
  • High's and Low's Break Out Rooms (15 minutes)
  • Open Topics Break Out Rooms (15 minutes)
  • Wrap Up & Good Bye's (5 minutes)

From time-to-time, we'll host Family Nights with an extended happy hour where we can all come back together after dinner for board games, virtual concerts, and perhaps even a magic show ( Dane Grigas πŸ™πŸΌ. ).

Can you complete this 1- minute form?

We have a lot of exciting enhancements coming, but I need to know more about your current career goals. Can you quickly update your profile for me? Thanks!!

CLICK HERE to update your career goals & status

To your success,
Alan Fernald Β &Β  Meredith Ekstedt - if you're around this Friday, it would be great if you could talk about your upcoming Guest Workshop: Influencing Without Authority during the Rotating Topic from the Vyten Council Leaders (5 minutes).
Graeme and I are heading to Daytona at 5pm EST for the weekend to celebrate our 3 year anniversary, but we may dial in from the car!

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