If you're like me, then you're already looking forward to kicking off a new year. Although I feel fortunate that 2020 brought us all together, I'm ready to move on to 2021.

A few of you sent me notes after seeing the Christmas morning news of the bombing of Nashville, where Vyten is located. Fortunately, it appears there were no fatalities other than the suicide bomber. My family and I are safe here, and I appreciate everyone who reached out to check on us. I'm also very thankful for our first responders who ran into danger to save others.

In other news over the weekend, President Trump signed the stimulus and government spending bill into law, providing $900B in emergency relief funds. If you're wondering whether you or your family qualify for the stimulus payments, The New York Times has a great Q&A roundup.

In 2021, Vyten will continue our mission to serve you in achieving a fulfilling career. This includes both active job seekers and helping those of you who are employed excel in your roles. There are specific details on our Public Roadmap for where we're going, but the best way we can help personalize content to your specific needs is if you can update your Vyten profile.

CLICK HERE to update your employment status

I hope everyone has a great, safe, happy New Year's. I'll see you all in 2021.


P.S. I'm curious what some of your goals will be in the new year. Leave a comment down below. :)
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I can take finding a job off my goals list, as I recently accepted a role with a local SaaS company.Β 

My goal was to find a role that would make work optional for my wife, and that's what happened.Β 

My goals for 2021 are to make small adjustments to daily habits and processes. I like Jon Gordon's approach to having one word for your year - https://www.onewordchallenge.com/ - and my one word for 2021 is either going to be "forge" or "ROI." Still undecided.

I want to forge relationships and choose options that generate positive ROI (return on investments).

Looking forward to growing with you all in 2021. Wouldn't have survived 2020 the way I did without all of you. I'm beyond grateful for the friendships I've cultivated here.Β 

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Vincent and Vyten friends,Β 

I'm glad to hear that Vincent and his family are well and safe. I hope all our awesome community members are doing well too.Β 

There is much to be grateful for in 2020. I'm thankful for being surrounded by family and good friends, and even for the difficulties lived because they made me grow and be better.Β 

I'm ready now for the great year 2021 that is about to come. I wish that we are all able to achieve our dreams, whatever they are!

One of my top priorities and life goals for 2021 is to keep an enjoyable life-work balance. After 20+ years of working career, believe me, this is good advice for everybody :).

Vincent Phamvan replied
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Very well said, Vincent! Although there has been a substantial amount of hardship and tragedy in 2020, it is refreshing to see and discuss what is coming as we step into 2021 and do so with optimism.Β 
As you can see on the Vyten roadmap, it is this community that will continue to support each other in the small victories and empower each other to excel to the best of our abilities.Β 
In my personal roadmap for 2021, some of my goals include following a consistent daily schedule, getting more sleep, and unplugging and being away from a screen more often.Β 

Happy Monday!
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Hi everyone,

Vyten's been approved to join LinkedIn Live's beta program for broadcasters! We'll be doing a test run of the technology today at 12pm Central Time if you'd like to join for our pilot episode.

If all goes smoothly, we'll be livestreaming Vyten Council Live every Friday next year at 12pm Central Time.

See you on the live stream!


Hi Council,

This has been a big month, and I wanted to say thank you for being a part of this community. Over the past week, we migrated our entire technology infrastructure to add new features, capabilities, and prepare the foundation for our next evolution.

This new setup is just a starting point as we continue to develop the courses, guides, tools, and community to help each Vyten member achieve a fulfilling career with the pay and purpose they deserve.

What I need from you

One thing that would help me, help you is if you can update your Vyten profile with your current goalsβ€”don't worry, this information is kept private. It helps me tailor the emails that you get and the content you see on our website so that you get the most relevant content for your goals (ie. how to get a promotion vs how to find a new job).

CLICK HERE to update your career goals & status

Coming soon: our Job Search Course

With our new Vyten 2.0 website, we have the ability to now release online courses! This allows you to take our on-demand course and interact with other Vyten members on your own time.Β 

With COVID and families and remote school, I know that everyone's on a different schedule, so with our new course (coming very soon!), you'll be able to learn and grow in a way that's flexible around your busy life.

Over the next year, we'll be releasing new courses on a wide range of topics (from productivity to public speaking to annual performance appraisals and promotions).

More Networking at our Networking Happy Hour (Vyten Plus)

On our Calendar, you can see we have a Networking Happy Hour every two weeks. It's a time to come together as a community, celebrate each other, our milestones, and network with other business professionals.

As the community has grown, the format of this Networking Happy Hour needs to evolve as well. We want to maximize the networking opportunities during these sessions. At the same time, we want to wrap up in time for you to spend time with your families.

Networking Happy Hour - Every other Friday 4-5pm Central Time
  • Introduction and Welcome to New Members (5 minutes)
  • Vyten's Recent Updates and What's Coming (5 minutes)
  • Rotating Topic from the Vyten Council Leaders (5 minutes)
  • Celebrate Wins & Milestones from Vyten Members (10 minutes)
  • High's and Low's Break Out Rooms (15 minutes)
  • Open Topics Break Out Rooms (15 minutes)
  • Wrap Up & Good Bye's (5 minutes)

From time-to-time, we'll host Family Nights with an extended happy hour where we can all come back together after dinner for board games, virtual concerts, and perhaps even a magic show ( Dane Grigas πŸ™πŸΌ. ).

Can you complete this 1- minute form?

We have a lot of exciting enhancements coming, but I need to know more about your current career goals. Can you quickly update your profile for me? Thanks!!

CLICK HERE to update your career goals & status

To your success,
Graeme and I are heading to Daytona at 5pm EST for the weekend to celebrate our 3 year anniversary, but we may dial in from the car!
Alan Fernald Β &Β  Meredith Ekstedt - if you're around this Friday, it would be great if you could talk about your upcoming Guest Workshop: Influencing Without Authority during the Rotating Topic from the Vyten Council Leaders (5 minutes).
Hi everyone -

There's a pretty common phishing scam out there where scammers look on LinkedIn for people who work at the same company. Then they send an email "from" the CEO/Founder to another employee asking for their cell phone number for some "urgent request".

If you reply or share your phone number, the scammer will usually ask you to click a link or purchase gift cards and share the gift-card numbers with them.

A few members of the Vyten Council have reported seeing an email sent from johncambell5543 (scammer), but using my name in the "from" field. This email was not sent from me, and all emails from Vyten will always come from hello@vyten.com.

If you're ever not sure if an email came from Vyten, feel free to forward a copy toΒ  or reach out to hello@vyten.com. I'll also never ask you for your Vyten password (or any other password) or payment information.

Here's additional information on how to recognize and avoid phishing scams from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Thanks for staying vigilant and for a few of you reaching out to report this scam.


Example of Phishing Email: