Why am I being charged sales/GST/VAT tax?

All Vyten memberships may be subject to local government taxes. The tax law for your jurisdiction determines the type and amount of applicable tax.

How is the tax amount determined?

Tax rates vary by country, state, territory, and even city. Tax rates are individually calculated based off of your location, and can change over time with local tax requirements.

Where can I see an invoice for my Vyten membership?

Invoices are available on your member's portal. If you can't locate your receipt, please contact the member experience team here.

When will I be charged with tax?

Your subscription will be charged with any applicable taxes upon initial transaction, and any additional upgrade or renewal thereafter.
Where can I see tax details related to my purchase?

If your purchase was charged with any applicable taxes, you can find these tax details in your receipts emailed to your inbox. If you have any additional questions, please contact the member experience team here.

I have additional questions about the taxes on my purchase.

For any additional questions not answered in this FAQ, please reach out here.