Bring Vyten Council to Your Campus

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In 2021, we will be launching Vyten Council local chapters in partnership with student groups across the nation.

These chapters will help aspiring marketers launch their careers in marketing, social media, public relations, and communications.

Local chapter members will have access to Vyten's resources, tools, and online/local events to grow personally and professionally with career strategies, mindsets, and tips.

If you are a currently enrolled student or alumnus of a campus listed below, login or create an account to click the "like" (thumbs up) button to vote for your campus and leave a comment if you'd like to be involved.

We'll be launching the campuses with the highest level of interest first. The best way to accelerate bringing Vyten Council to your campus is to:
  • Get 50 "likes" or upvotes on the page for your campus
  • Establish a group of five "Founding Members" to take the lead in forming your student organization

Then, we'll reach out to the group of Founding Members to provide support and the next steps in getting your local chapter officially launched!

If you do not see your school listed, click the "New Topic" or click the button below to nominate your school:
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