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These are professional jobs that span a variety of areas and locations.Β 
Thanks for sharing Eleanor S ! Are you able to make an introduction to the hiring manager for this role if someone is interested?
This was posted by Michele Bove Β  (Vyten member) on LinkedIn. If someone is interested, they should contact Michele.

Thanks for sharingΒ  Eleanor S ! Are you able to make an introduction to the hiring manager for this role if someone is interested?
I do not know the hiring manager. This was shared with me through someone in my network but not at that company. Appears to be posted by the Talent Acquisition person.
For those that can help others with fees, it would be nice to have a confidential way to either direct sponsor or offer a general donation to a managed scholarship pool. We talked about this at a past HH. Maybe already in the works?
HiΒ  Eleanor S , thanks so much for your feedback. I see thatΒ  Michael Bunch andΒ  Dustin Trefethen upvoted this idea as well. We had this capability on our old website, but thanks for reminding us that we need to also add this on our new site.

This is now live! Contributions to the Vyten Scholarship Fund can now be made here:

We'll build out a process in the future with our Vyten Council Leaders to review and award scholarships to those in need.
Is there a way that we can share job leads to the community? I often get posts on LinkedIn through my network or receive requests for referrals but haven't found an easy way to share the information.
Eleanor S - that's a great idea! I just made a new space in the watercooler called #job-leads, so it'd be great if you could post a few here: https://council.vyten.com/c/job-leads
Several folks in the Vyten Community have expressed interest in exploring Project Management or Agile careers. This space can helpΒ  both the seekers and those experienced in the profession.

Let's use this space to share our interests and curiosity about careers in or related to Project Management.

I was a project manager in the publishing space for a very long time. It's a great job and transfers to any business. I worked on Higher Education textbooks and managed the project from manuscript to printed book and worked with college professors, editors, printers, etc. Let me know what information you would like to know and I'll try and help.Β