Lusik Gasparyan

Experienced Program Manager | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Activist and Leader | Vyten Council Member | Builder of Strategic Partnerships

REJECTED from your dream JOB? How to bounce back!

Came across this video today and I think we can all understand what she is talking about:Β 

More Workshop Ideas (Survey Monkey data)

Hi Vincent,

Some of us took a survey of what workshop topic ideas we would find intriguing and as of now, there is one topic that is a clear winner. Of course, folks can still continue voting ( or suggesting other ideas, but hoping this helps with giving Vyten ideas of what the group may be interested in. Here is the summary so far:ΒΒ 

Webinar on interviewing

I found this video on interviewing very helpful. It is 2 hours long but I would say the first 30 mins are useless. I think the last hour is very good. If you go back and look at the video a week prior the same people did one on resumes.Β

Hi, I am Lusik!

Also known as the Mayor and the host of After Dark Happy Hour.Β 

  • I am the extrovert that adopts all the introverts as my friendsΒ 
  • I eat during all Zoom sessions and nap a lot
  • I think all of you are wonderful and powerful people and I am always ready to remind you that
  • I am good with LinkedIn
  • Lost my job in March and since then have done plenty of interviews. I would love help in getting past the final interviewΒ 
  • I am an outspoken DEI activist and my background is in legal non-profits Β 
  • I am in Pacific timezoneΒ 
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