Pivoting into Cybersecurity
Hey everyone! I am pivoting into cybersecurity, currently in a program and studying for industry certifications. I welcome any conversations on the current and future state of this industry, mentorship, and mutual support.

IT & Cybersecurity Vyten Fam

Hey Vyten Community, I haven't been very active on here due to being in the belly of cybersecurity studies and getting the vote out for the recent US elections.

But I'm back and eager to connect with the IT & Cybersecurity folks here. I created a discussion group for us so feel free to add yourselves to that space. As a relatively new student to cybersecurity I'm just getting prepared for certification exams, while mapping out which area(s) of cybersecurity I would like to build a career.

So lets connect. I'm interested in hearing how you built your career in IT & cybersecurity, and if you're still studying and getting certifications, let's share our journeys, tools and tips of the trade, and support one another to achieving our career goals. Feel free to send me a message, connect with me on LinkedIn, or get chatting in the 'IT & Cybersecurity' discussion group.

Ciao for now,
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